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IX Belgorod international model of the UN started at BelSU

This year 150 students became participants of a forum. These are seniors, students, undergraduates, graduate students of higher education institutions of many cities and countries. The model of the UN is a synthesis of a conference and the international role-playing game which idea is popular around the world. The forum recreates work of the United Nations: within several days participants will reproduce work of bodies of the United Nations, they will analyze the international economic, political, legal problems and the prospects of the world community development.

At a ceremonial opening of an event the vice rector for cultural and educational activity of BelSU, associate professor Svetlana Ostrikova, the vice rector for the international cooperation of BelSU, associate professor Vladislav Kuchmisty, the director of BelSU Institute of cross-cultural communication and the international relations professor Olga Prokhorova, the head of the international relationship department, professor Vera Malay welcomed the participants.

This year global problems of the present will be key objects of a discussion:

- General Assembly (GA): "Digital economy as a new vector of development";

- Security Council (SC): "Problem of weapons of mass destruction (cassette ammunition) use in modern armed conflicts". "The Korean factor in a regional and global international relationship";

- International Court of Justice: "Application of the Convention on prevention of the crime of genocide and punishment for it (Croatia-Serbia)";

- UNESCO (UNESCO - United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization): "Formation as the instrument of extremism prevention in developing countries" ("Education as a tool to prevent violent extremism in developing countries").

During the discussions delegates are obliged to argue not their own point of view, but an official position of the country represented by them. Writing of the resolution an ultimate goal of each committee which implementation is possible only at achievement of a compromise of the interests of all states represented in body.

The event was organized by BelSU UN Club, department of cultural and educational activity of BelSU with the assistance of Institute of cross-cultural communication and the international relations International Relations Department.

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