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New results of cooperation between BelSU and University of Belgrade

  Delegation of BelSU visited the University of Belgrade

The visit of BelSU delegation: director of BelSU laboratory of cell technologies of Living Systems Pharmacology Scientific Research Institute Mikhail Pokrovsky, the head of development of a magistracy and training of the top skills Office Irina Shumakova and the head of development department of training of the top skills Inna Buynyakova took place in the University of Belgrade (Serbia).

By the invitation of colleagues of pharmaceutical faculty of the University of Belgrade the staff BelSU met representatives of the department: dean, doctor, professor Zoritsa Vuyich, deputy dean for science and international activities, doctor, professor Svetlana Ibrich, deputy dean for educational activities by the doctor, professor Marina Milenkovich.

The delegation the staff of the laboratories carrying out research and development operation on measurement and a study of effect of medicines on different types of pain, blood system, depressions. The staff of laboratories discussed with Mikhail Pokrovsky possibilities of implementation of joint basic and applied researches within programs of the international scientific cooperation. The cooperation agreement between pharmaceutical faculty of the University of Belgrade and Medical institute of BelSU was signed. It provides education and scientific research in the field of master and postgraduate preparation, carrying out summer international schools, creation of a laboratory basis for carrying out joint research and development, scientific training.

The delegation of BelSU also visited the School of medicine opened at the university in the 20th years of the XX century. The head of the school doctor Zhordany Dragovich Lukiç expressed intention to visit BelSU in March, 2018 and to perform joint research projects, joint management of theses and to participate in publishing of the Belgorod state university.

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