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Victory of a national level

The student of BelSU Institute of Law became one of five winners of of V.A. Tumanovs Personal Grant for students of "Law" specialty

Applications for a grant were submitted by more than one thousand students of law departments and institutes of all higher education institutions of Russia. Members of the commission selected applicants for receiving a grant basing on a portfolio which contained data on the academic, scientific achievements of participants in the field of law, scientific publications and performances at scientific conferences, victories in competitions. The 4th year student of BelSU Institute of Law Oleg Skopenko has completed competitive selection and became one of five winners awarded by this prestigious award.

This victory was preceded by long and laborious work, Oleg said. I am glad that my achievements were estimated at the All-Russian level. I want to express gratitude to the research supervisors: to the doctor of Law, Professor Marina Markhgeym and Candidate of Law Sciences, associate professor of civil law and process Elena Tsukanova.

For reference: Vladimir Aleksandrovich Tumanov is the doctor of Law, professor, the president of International Law Association under the auspices of UNESCO, the chairman of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation from 1995 to 1997. The grant in his honor was founded in 2012 and "Law" is one of prestigious scholarships for students of full-time courses of the direction of preparation.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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