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BelSU is among the most popular higher education institutions of Russia

Belgorod state university has taken the fifth place among the most demanded classical universities of the country in the National rating of the Social Navigator project

The rating included 448 higher education institutions from 81 regions of the country. It is the first rating after completion of large-scale restructuring and optimization of the Russian universities. It included the state, departmental, municipal and private universities of Russia. 127 of them are engineering higher education institutions, 89 the classical universities, 69 humane, 61 administrative, 54 agricultural higher education institutions and 48 are medical. The highest clerical educational institutions, educational institutions in the field of culture and a military profile weren't considered.

Experts have estimated how graduates are demanded by employers, have defined commercialization of the intellectual product created by higher education institution and also demand of a research product. It is the simplest to find a job in the specialty to graduates of agricultural higher education institutions 68% from them get a job placement. The former students of higher education institutions in the management sphere 28,6% are least of all demanded. Most of all earn the engineering universities on scientific research: the share of such income in their budget is on average 15,6%, at medical schools is 9,1%, agricultural 8,2%, humane only 7,7%.

At the same time scientists from the classical and medical universities have the highest citation index 11,9% and 11,7% respectively. Below everything this indicator at humane 8,6%, RIA Novosti reports.

BelSU is on the fifth place among the classical universities: 94,8% of his graduates have got a job placement, the share of means from commercialization of developments makes 26,05%, the citation i-index of higher education institutions scientists is 14.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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