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International discussion on inequality

The teacher of BelSU has participated in the international conference on inequality problems

The international conference on inequality problems "Trends in Inequality: social, economic and political issues" took place in Boloniya (Italy). The winner of a grant competition for teachers of a magistracy of the scholarship program of Vladimir Potanin of 2016-2017 to a conference, the associate professor of world economy of BeLSU, Candidate of Economic Sciences Inessa Luksha was invited on behalf of BelSU.

The international conference has been organized by Research foundation "Carlo Cattaneo's Institute". Conferees represented the leading world universities and institutes of Europe, America, Japan, including the Parisian school of economy, the University of Oxford, University of Bologna, London School of Economics, Columbia University, the Manchester university and others.

Inessa Luksha opened work of the section "Re-distribution and Fiscal Policies" with the report "Influence of the financial macro regulators activity on inequality and poverty: example of Russia and the associative effect on the EU". Inessa Luksha became the only representative from the Russian scientific community who has participated in the largest international scientific discussion dedicated to various aspects of a problem of inequality which concerns the minds of the best scientists of the whole world.

Not only representatives of the academic community, but also staff of the international and national organizations (The International Monetary Fund, the European Commission, the International Labour Organization, Bank of Italy, the Italian National Institute of statistics, etc.) and the former political figures who are active scientists such as twice the prime minister of Italy and the ex-president of European Commission Romano Prodi took part in discussion of problems of inequality. The public lecture of Joseph Stiglitz, professor of Columbia University, the winner of an award of memory A. Nobel in economy for 2001 became one of key events in work of a conference.

The unique experience and the academic materials used for development of the new training course supported by a grant of the scholarship program of Vladimir Potanin will allow to provide improvement of quality of educational process and creation of new competitive advantages to the master program "International Economy" implemented at BelSU Institute of economy.

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