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BelSU improves psychological training

The university has opened a Psychological Consulting service   its specialists have already helped more than six thousand people

The rector of BelSU professor Oleg Polukhin, representatives of administration and the management of Teacher training college - the vice rector for quality and additional education of BelSU Vladimir Shapovalov, the director of BelSU Pedagogical Institute Victoria Tarabayeva, the dean of Pedagogical Institute Psychological Department Victor Tkachyov, the head of Psychological consulting service Dmitry Sazonov, teachers and the staff of Pedagogical Institute and, of course, students participated in the opening ceremony.

After traditional cutting of a red tape the excursion on the new object equipped according to the last requirements of psychological assistance and the practice-focused training of students has taken place.

The rector of BelSU Oleg Polukhin has noted that now training of psychologists will be conducted at the absolutely other level.

Our university always sets the highest goals in science and education. We are obliged to train professionals of the business on various directions of preparation, he has emphasized. And now students of Psychological department had a fine opportunity to improve the skills. Every year there is a shortage of psychologists in conditions when people need the help of professionals even more often. We will do everything possible to give students the best theoretical, but also practical knowledge and to fill the shortage of the qualified psychologists.

The structure of the service includes: "Practical psychological education office"; Psychological training office", "Psychological consulting office", "Printing research office"; "Psychological unloading room", "Psychological diagnostics office", "Visitors room". They have the modern equipment necessary for rendering of high-quality psychological assistance and training.

In all offices special classes were given. It is important to note that the staff of Psychological service will help all needing residents of Belgorod. According to its head Dmitry Sazonov a main goal of structure in the solution of psychological problems of students and teachers which can arise during educational process.

After survey of a new object the rector's meeting with students and teachers has taken place.

In conclusion of an event representatives of Pedagogical Institute, Psychological department and Psychological consulting service have thanked Oleg Polukhin for support in implementation of the project. Students have presented the rector a memorable souvenir, and he has promised not to disregard development and equipping of the center.

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