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Students of BelSU fulfilled their magic mission

Students of BelSU Engineering college presented children a New Year's fairy tale

Participants of volunteer club "Zabota" and Maska drama school of BelSU Engineering college together with MBU "Complex Center of Social Service of Belgorod population" carried out the charitable performance "The magic fairy tale" for children from needy families, within a charitable Christmas marathon "By a warm word, a good deed".

Children have written letters to Father Frost and have told him what they would like to receive as a New Year gift. Students of college have played kind wizards and granted the most treasured desires.

Representation has begun with a meeting with cheerful buffoons and snowflakes who have invited children to dance and have fun. By tradition the Baba-yaga with the Wood goblin have come to a holiday without invitation and tried to prevent a long-awaited meeting of children with Father Frost and the Snow Maiden.

After long adventures children have pleased Father Frost with verses, songs and have received gifts.

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