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Scientists of BelSU will conduct space experiments

Rector of BelSU Oleg Polukhin discussed perspectives of academic cooperation with scientists including professor of Royal Holloway College  

The head of BelSU International scientific and educational laboratory of radiation physics professor Alexander Kubankin and professor of Royal Holloway University of London the head of scientific research in the field of physics of accelerators Pavel Karatayev participated in a meeting.

Alexander Kubankin has informed the rector on work of laboratory and perspective researches. According to him, development of researches in the field of space can become the breakthrough direction for the university in the near future. Last year the agreement with Moscow State University Research institute of nuclear physics was signed. According to this agreement BelSU takes affiliated part in the Universat program providing creation of perspective group of small spacecrafts. The laboratory of BelSU has received the joint performance offer to work on development of sources for ionizing radiation simulators of space particles, and vacuum systems for imitation of space.

Also together with FIAN unique low-background experimental installation on a research of anomalies of nuclear disintegration of isotopes is developed.

Together with partners from RAS Physical institute of unique low-background experimental installation on a research of anomalies of isotopes nuclear disintegration is developed. Now the project of carrying out an experiment on the International Space Station is developed Alexander Kubankin reported.

Alexander Kubankin told about development of the international experiment in direct search of dark matter DarkSide (http://darkside.lngs.infn.it) in which BelSU participates. In 2017 the collaboration of DarkSide has united with one more collaboration on search of the dark matter DEAP-3600 (http://deap3600.ca) headed by the Nobel laureate of 2015 on physics Arthur McDonald who has got an award for opening of neutrino oscillations. Now the DarkSide project passes under "guardianship" of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the world's largest laboratory of high energy physics (CERN).

In the near future any resident of Belgorod will be able to learn about the main international scientific events by becoming a listener of scientific reports at the large international conference "Radiation from Relativistic Electrons in Periodic Structures" which will take place in 2019 at BelSU.

Professor from Great Britain Pavel Karatayev has told about youth school of sciences which brings together scientists from around the world. In May of this year it will start again in Italy. The rector of BelSU has suggested to consider the possibility of carrying out in 2019 of this school in Belgorod, on the basis of the university.

Oleg Polukhin has thanked colleagues for their work. He has also reported that it will be offered to scientific structures of the university to prepare programs of development which would allow them to be among the best at the federal and regional levels.

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