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Protection of drinking water sources in the center of attention

Scientists of BelSU create a know-how for protection of underground waters as sources of fresh drinking water

At the Belgorod state national research university last year under the leadership of the associate professor, the candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences Alexander Skidanov four small innovative enterprises have been created. Activity of Small Innovative Enterprises in the methodical plan is based on developments in the sphere of hydrogeology, geoecology and engineering geology.

Among a know-how "A way of the choice of the site under a water intake of environmentally friendly underground waters on the basis of regularities of natural water exchange", "A way of a schematization of hydrogeological conditions", "A way of restoration of productivity and elimination of a sanding of filterless water wells", "A way of determination of swelling capacity of soil, "A way of definition of collapsible soil" and others.

According to Alexander Skidanov, creation of the small innovative enterprises is not end in itself, but the system of the solution of historically imminent and becoming aggravated environmental problems. The scientist notes: it is time to leave a stereotype that underground waters are inexhaustible. Real measures for rational use of an underground and surface water of the region are necessary. And for this purpose it will be required to solve a number of questions of the scientific and methodical, engineering, educational, administrative and legal plan.

It is important to note that from 50th years of the twentieth century in the sphere of knowledge of formation of underground waters of the region significant solutions in theoretical, on the practical level haven't been proposed, Alexander Skidanov said.

In the short term creation of The center of hydrogeology, engineering geology and geoecology at the Belgorod State University as associations of small innovative enterprises of the corresponding profile. It will allow to carry out really association of science, production and educational process in the sphere of water use, protection of a subsoil and engineering researches.

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