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Hippeastrums have blossomed in a winter garden of BelSU

This year hippeastrums in a winter garden have blossomed earlier than usual

Hippeastrum flowers are bulbous perennials which blossom in a winter garden every winter. This year hippeastrums have blossomed earlier than usual, due to the warm winter.

These unusual flowers often grow in tropics and subtropics of America, in particular, in the basin of Amazon. The plant is geophyte, spending bigger time in a bulb, and reviving and striking from under ground in gloomy winter time. The blossoming period of this beautiful flower is the shortest of his life cycles, it makes only 7-9 days.

Modern breeds of a hippeastrum are various: with big bell-like flowers of various shades from white to dark crimson, purple and even light green color. In the world about eighty types of a hippeastrum are known. In decorative gardening, over six hundred grades of hippeastrums are cultivated now.

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