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World standards of education at BelSU

Belgorod State University has joined the movement WorldSkills Russia and became the associated partner of the Young Professionals Union (Worldskills Russia)

The associated partnership grants university the right to independently conduct the high school championship and also provide team of higher education institution for participation in the final of the national interuniversity championship.

The national interuniversity championship consists of two stages of competitions: high school selection championships and final of the interuniversity championship. Key values of the interuniversity championship are justice, partnership, information openness and equality of conditions for all contestants.

Main objective of the championship is to increase relevance of the professional education focused on real inquiries of employers. Besides, participation in the championship will give the students a chance to estimate the level of training and chances of employment after graduation. For the university important advantages will become independent confirmation of ability of higher education institution to prepare the graduate with a world-class practical competences; use of students achievements at the championships for advance of a brand of higher education institution; an additional possibility of interaction with the largest corporations and the enterprises.

Competitions will allow to estimate professional qualities of future graduates of BelSU in comparison with the international standards. The "Young Professionals" movement states a course towards development of high competences. The Belgorod State University, in turn, has headed for development of innovative technologies and the solution of tasks of training of highly qualified personnel for the region. It means that competences of university graduates will correspond to world level.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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