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Recognition of the Belgorod journalistic science

Scientific and educational activity of BelSU Faculty of Journalism was praised by scientific community

By the initiative of researchers of journalism of the St. Petersburg State University the project on studying experience of the regional journalistic departments having authority both on scientific and practical researches of journalism and training is implemented in Russia.

This project has included BelSU Journalism department, which scientific and educational activity is noted by professional community. By the invitation of the St. Petersburg colleagues the article of the leading professors of BelSU Journalism department Alexander Korochensky, Andrey Polonsky, Evgeny Kozhemyakin and Maria Kazak "To the new horizons of scientific knowledge", devoted to judgment of experience and the current state of the Belgorod scientific and educational school of journalism was published in the last issue of the "Vek Informatsii" scientific magazine (St.Petersburg State University).

Works of the Belgorod scientists draw close attention of researchers, teachers and students from the Russian, and foreign researchers of mass media, the dean of faculty of journalism of BelSU Journalism department Svetlana Ushakova has said.

It is important to note that professor of department of journalism, the Doctor of Philology Alexander Korochensky enters in the top list of authors of the most demanded publications on problems of journalism and mass media for a number of years. Following the results of 2017 in the RINTs list of the 25 most quoted Russian authors in the section "Mass Communications, Journalism" he takes the 16th place.

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