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BelSU implements the first international bilingual program of additional professional education

BelSU signed agreement with Abbott Laboratories Gmbh and its Veropharm on implementation of the first bilingual program of additional professional education "Topical issues of industrial drugs production"

The rector of BelSU, professor Oleg Polukhin, the vice rector for scientific and innovative activity professor Igor Konstantinov, the director of BelSU Medical institute, professor Vladimir Kulikovsky and other representatives of higher education institution who cooperates with the JSC Veropharm company within one and a half years have participated in a meeting with delegation of the largest pharmaceutical company. During this time, several joint educational projects have been successfully implemented.

As the deputy director of Medical institute for the international relations, Irina Spichak reported, in the nearest future conditions for opening of educational and scientific laboratory "Industrial Technology of Drugs" at BelSU would be created. She has also noted that in the Belgorod branch of the Veropharm Company in 2017 six university graduates are employed.

Rector of BelSU Oleg Polukhin has expressed interest in carrying out joint scientific research with the industrial partner of higher education institution.

We have wide experience of implementation of large projects with our industrial partners, and we are interested in large-scale joint developments. Today it is necessary to create consortium, uniting higher education institutions and attracting industrial partners to carry out the researches with practical value. We are ready to discuss mutually beneficial cooperation in this direction, Oleg Polukhin said.

Representatives of the Abbott Company have reported about expansion of the production capacities and activities. Now the company will release screening tests for detection of HIV, hepatitis and other diseases. Screening diagnostics is the one more direction in which joint developments and educational programs can be implemented.

In the end of the meeting the rector of BelSU Oleg Polukhin and the CEO of the JSC Veropharm company Elena Bushberg have signed the Agreement on development and implementation of the joint international educational program of additional professional education "Topical issues of industrial drugs production" which will be implemented in two languages Russian and English. The program is focused on the profound practice-focused training of students of pharmaceutical and chemical profiles in the field of industrial pharmaceutics and also the experts working at the pharmaceutical enterprises of the region and country.

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