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BelSU will take part in a Lilac symposium

The president of International Lilac Society Nicole Jordan congratulated BelSU on entering the International Lilac Society

Congratulations from Nicole Jordan, the President of International Lilac Society, has been recently delivered to the rector of BelSU, Professor Oleg Polukhin

She has greeted BelSU on the introduction to society. Nichole Jourdan has hoped for a meeting with representatives of BelSU at the scientific symposium which will take place in May in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

BelSU Botanical Garden development of the concept for the scientific collection of lilac breeds, which will be settled in a botanical garden continues. Lists and schemes of grades placement are formed, sites for placement of collections of a high-quality and specific lilac are already coordinated and allocated.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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