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The teacher of BelSU has passed a scientific training in Slovakia

The assistant to department of foreign languages and professional communication of BelSU Institute of cross-cultural communication and the international relations Marina Klochkova has  finidhed an internship in Slovakia

With help of a grant of the Ministry of Education, science, researches and sport of the Slovak Republic the teacher of BelSU Marina Klochkova has finished an internship at department of Anglistics studies and American studies of Trnava Saints Kirill and Mefodiy University Art Department. During the training she has got acquainted with features of the organization of educational process of partner higher education institution, has held the presentations about BelSU for teachers of the university and pupils of Slovakian schools for the purpose of cooperation development in scientific and educational spheres. Also issues of cooperation expansion, in particular, a possibility of joint publications of scientific works were discussed.

During the training Marina Klochkova has participated in two scientific conferences which have taken place in Trnava University. She also became the participant of a scientific and practical conference of specialists in Russian philology "Modern Russian as foreign at school: new tendencies" which has taken place in Bratislava

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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