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BelSU has signed the cooperation agreement with Schwabe holding of Rostekh State corporation

The rector of BelSU, professor Oleg Polukhin and the CEO of Schwabe Alexey Patrikeev have signed the cooperation agreement

The agreement is directed to carrying out joint research and development in the field of medicine, robotics, optical and common industrial instrument making.

Commenting on signing of the document, the CEO of Schwabe Alexey Patrikeev has noted that Schwabe and BelSU are connected by long and fruitful relations.

According to the rector of BelSU Oleg Polukhin, cooperation with the holding will exert positive impact on development of universitys infrastructure.

At the territory of BelSU the design office for work on subjects of joint projects will be organized, the laboratory, experimental and technological base will amplify. These objects will allow not only to conduct research and development at a new level, but also will increase the interest of students in research and development, Oleg Polukhin said.

The parties have noted that the Agreement will promote diversification of the production directions of Schwabe enterprises. The optical holding and BelSU intend to solve in common complex scientific and technical problems in the field of hi-tech civil production and products of dual purpose development. Interaction in the field of creation of optoelectronic systems, the roboequipment, common industrial devices and component base is planned. In addition, the parties intend to develop the new materials including nanostructured and program-and-algorithmic solutions of various application.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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