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BelSU laid the foundation for a lilac collection

More than 60 lilac breeds have begun to cultivate in BelSU botanical garden within the regional program "Belgorod Lilac"

The leading Russian lilac breeder Sergey Aladin consults experts of BelSU botanical garden. He has arrived from Moscow to estimate a condition of more than sixty lilac breeds acquired by higher education institution and has participated in a meeting with heads of the university projects, a part of the regional "Belgorod Lilac" program, which was carried out by the rector of higher education institution professor Oleg Polukhin.

Your university has everything necessary to create the center of world-class lilac breeding: the fine botanical garden with a suitable landscape and the watering system; experts of high level who can develop technologies for reproduction of each breed; and, of course, support of the governor who initiated this program, - Sergey Aladin said.

The rector Oleg Polukhin has noted importance of creation of the Center of selection with the laboratory to mark grades of a lilac and other ornamental plants.

We should consider creation of a separate zone for lilac which already grows in the Belgorod region. It is necessary to begin with creation of a photo gallery which will be filled up by residents of Belgorod from all districts of the area, photographing the lilac bushes blossoming on sites and in the yards, - Oleg Polukhin suggested.

By 2020 siringary of BelSU is planned to no less than 250 breeds of a lilac for selection. It will be the largest collection of the lilac breeds in Russia collected in one place.

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