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New goals of BelSUs development

The meeting of BelSU academic council where results of development programs implementation and increase of competitiveness have been discussed has taken place at the university

At the beginning of the meeting the rector Oleg Polukhin has handed the certificate "The honorary employee of BelSU" to the manager of department of electronic library resources of BelSU Scientific library Natalya Voronkova.

The vice rector for scientific and innovations Igor Konstantinov has reported about results of implementation of the Program of scientific development for 2010-2019 in 2017 and tasks for 2018.

He has noted that a strategic objective of the university is formation of the scientific and educational center of world level. BelSU was ahead of schedule included into TOP 100 of the best higher education institutions of the world of the Shanghai subject rating in category "Metallurgical Engineering". And took the worthy place in ten domestic leading higher education institutions. Igor Konstantinov has paid attention to positive dynamics of monitoring data and efficiency of research and innovative activity. For example, on growth of number of the publications indexed in Web of Science: the higher education institution has exceeded the planned figures almost three times. Positive changes are observed in the sphere of the BelSUs international recognition and economic stability.

On the academic council has also discussed results of implementation of the BelSU Competitiveness increase program among the leading world scientific and educational centers for 2013-2017 and offered its updating till 2020.

During the discussion the rector of BelSU Oleg Polukhin has placed emphasis on need of development of the practice-focused training and also increase in the contingent of students, undergraduates and graduate students. Among perspective tasks for 2018: introduction of online education; increase in volumes of research and development and the number of articles in the system of scientific citing; increase of scientific and pedagogical workers wage, revenues of higher education institution and diversification of sources of material security.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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