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Russian Language in Central Asia

Noted BelSU Professor Nikolay Alefirenko participated in two conferences which were held in Kazakhstan, at the invitation of Kokshetau University.

'Perfecting Language Techniques: a platform for the exchange of progressive practices.' was an interactive conference organised by three Universities; Kazan Federal (Kazan, Russia), Gumilev Eurasian (Astana, Kazakhstan) and Aegean (Izmir, Turkey) as part of the 2nd International Scientific and Methodological Seminar, and took place from 20th to 24th February. Professor Alefirenko reported at the plenary session of the forum.

Prof. Alefirenko also spoke at the 6th International Scientific and Practical Conference entitled 'Philology as a means for the furthering of new Humanitarian Understanding' on the subject of 'The horizon of value and meaning in Ethno-linguistic Cultures'. After his address Professor Alefirenko chaired a discussion on 'Language and Public Consciousness: the artistic image of the world as shaped by the national mentality'. This highly relevant address was rounded off with a series of lectures by our distinguished Professor, given to graduands and post-graduates of Kokshetau University.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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