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A Medical First for the Medics of BSNRU

An operation to insert a stent into the oesophagus of a seriously ill patient was performed for the first time in Belgorod by medics from BSNRU.

A seriously ill patient had her oesophagus reopened in surgery performed at the First City Hospital in Belgorod by a team led by Vladimir Lutsenko, Professor of General Surgery at BSNRU, using a stent made with nitinol, a metal with 'shape memory'. He said,

The implementation of such high-tech surgery is only possible because of the integration of science, practice and the educational process, into which, by the way, 'learning through practice' is being actively introduced. Educational clinical sub-departments are being established in medical institutions across the city, which allow us to raise the standards of training at our Institute of Medicine. Stenting is among the technologies we will be introducing to the healthcare institutions in the region.

Professor Lutsenko believes that the introduction of a program of foreign-language education, whereby teachers are given an opportunity to improve their English, promotes the introduction of new technology as educators can access additional primary sources of information. The operation was recorded as a training aid for future surgeons. Operations using stents will forthwith be carried out with increasing regularity, as the possibilities surrounding this technology are explored for use with other maladies.

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