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Early Success for our Young Engineers

BSNRU teams have made it through to the final of the 'CASE-IN' International Engineering Championship.

The initial stage of the 'CASE-IN' International Engineering Championship has concluded. BSNRU was the only University in the area to take part, sending eight teams. Three of our teams booked their tickets to the May final. 'Brainstorming' (Mozgovoy Shturm) led by Maria Korneichuk, a post-graduate, alongside Ivan Fedorov, Vladislav Kidanov and Angelica Borzova, 'Geosystem' (Geosistema) who are Herman Yurchenko, Dmitry Lepetukha, Konstantin Ponomarenko and Svyatoslav Evdokimov, and 'The Malevich Quartet' (Kvartet Malevicha) comprised of Olga Prokopenko, Ivan Komarov, Evgenia Kletkina and Stanislav Koshkin.

In his summation, Evgeny Yanitsky, the Chairman of the expert jury and Deputy Director General for Scientific Research at VIOGEM ojsc, reminded students not to rest on their laurels, but to continue to advance their knowledge and skills. Mikhail Lebedev, the Director of Human Resources at the EuroChem subsidiary 'Mining', underlined the fact that BSNRU was among the leading Universities when it comes to the number of teams participating in the championship.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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