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'Student Spring' comes to BSNRU

The University marked the beginning of the pan-national 'Student Spring 2018' creative festival.

'Student Spring', organised by the Russian Youth Union, is a huge program of support and development for students' creativity. For more than 25 years, 'Student Spring' has been helping young people discover their talents. This year the students celebrated this festival of creativity at five venues: on the square in front of the Svetlana Khorkina Sports Complex, at the Student Union, on Studencheskaya Street, at the Medical School and at the Faculty of Society and Theology. Concerts were held at all of these venues.

The Student Union was a focal point of the festivities. As well as attending concerts devoted to 'Russia's Student Spring', students could play checkers, buy colourful handicrafts and view an exhibition of books about outstanding Belgorodians.

At the event in front of the Sports Complex, more than a thousand students rode sleighs, tasted delicious porridge and drank warm tea. Inside, the Sports and Leisure program included working with world champion Kick-boxer and Rhythmic Gymnast Anna Samygina. 'Druzhina' performed historical reconstructions, and Student Union groups performed skits and songs. BSNRU Rector, Professor Oleg Polukhin and Svetlana Ostrikova, the Pro-Rector for Cultural and Educational Activity, as well as other members of the teaching staff, were actively involved in the festivities.

Despite spring feeling more like winter, students and guests took part in contests and games with enthusiasm and turned out to watch the performances in large numbers.

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