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BSNRU Teachers and Master Students among winners of the Vladimir Potanin Charity Fund Contest

The win will allow the development of a new Master Degree Course.

An independent panel of experts at the Foundation supported an application for the development of a new Master's Course called 'Cognitive Neuroscience and Neurotechnology'. A grant of 500,000 roubles has been awarded for the implementation of the course to Maria Sitnikova, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the Preschool, Primary and Special Education Faculty at the Pedagogical Institute and Candidate of Psychological Sciences.

Five undergraduates; Julia Voronkina (Journalism), Polina Krienko (Management), Marina Polyakova (Pedagogical Institute) and Olga Zenina and Arina Lemzyakova (Sociology and Theology) will all receive a monthly scholarship of 20,000 roubles until the end of their Master's Courses.

In 2017 the competition received 982 applications from Teachers of Master's Degree Courses from 75 universities across Russia. Teachers from our University submitted 55 applications. The scholarship competition received 6731 applications from undergraduates of 74 Russian universities, 3852 applications were accepted for participation, of which we had made 67. In the second round, 27 of our undergraduates participated, and five winners were selected.

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation is one of the first private foundations in modern Russia. It was created in 1999 by entrepreneur Vladimir Potanin in order to implement large-scale programs in the fields of education and culture.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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