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BSNRU Welcomes Slovakian Colleagues

Our Rector, Professor Oleg Polukhin met with a delegation from the University of Trnava in Trnava, a college in Slovakia.

The meeting was led by the Rector. He was joined by Vladislav Kuchmisty, Vice Rector for International Cooperation, Olga Prokhorova, the Director of the Institute for Cross-cultural Communication and International Relations, and Jerome Baghana, the Deputy Director for Scientific Work and International Activity of the Institute for Cross-cultural Communication and International Relations. Our guests were led by Dr Ružena Kozmová, Vice Rector for International Cooperation, Katarína Nováková, Dean of the Faculty of Humanitarian Sciences, and Andrea Grominová, Head of the Russian Language Department.

The Rector greeted the delegation, and assured them that our University was sincerely interested in the best of relations and continued joint programs, saying,

Today our university is located in the global educational space and is included in the top twenty best universities in Russia. We pay great attention to international cooperation and the promotion of the Russian language and Russian education abroad. Despite the difficult political situation, universities should cooperate with each other. We are glad that such cooperation is developing in our country and we propose to expand it by exchanging teachers and students, publishing articles by our scientists in each others scientific journals and creating joint international laboratories.

Dr Kozmová thanked the Rector for his warm welcome and expressed her admiration for the scientific, cultural and sporting achievements of the University. She noted that it is also important for the University of Trnava to develop scientific publication activity and academic mobility. She went on to express her respect for the quality of our teaching staff, especially in regard to their teaching of the Russian language, and expressed her readiness to develop cooperation in all areas.

The development of a new joint study program was discussed, which would lead to students from both sides achieving a Double Diploma. Dr Nováková noted that Slovaks and Russians have a similar mentality and much in common. Such similarities in our cultures help to develop cooperation.

Dr Prokhorova talked generally about the program of international cooperation being undertaken by the university and specifically about the introduction of the Slovak language as the twelfth foreign language being studied at BSNRU.

The meeting also discussed academic exchange using the 'Erasmus+' program and language training at the Summer Schools of both universities, and concluded by exchanging gifts.

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