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BSNRU Presents our 'Lean University' Project to a Conference in Udmurtia

University staff participated in the Fourth International Scientific and Practical 'Lean'* Conference on the subject of 'Lean Thinking. Questions of Meaning Formation and Motivation', and the First Pan-National Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference on 'Lean' Higher Education.

Among those taking part in the scientific forums being held in Izhevsk were representatives from executive authorities, industrial and social industries, including health care and education from 28 constituent entities within the Russian Federation. The various forums demonstrated the process of introducing 'Lean Technology' to leading companies and educational organisations of the Russian Federation and visited the organisations in Izhevsk that were implementing the principles of 'Lean Production', exchanging experience in round table discussions.

The practice of implementing 'Lean Technology' in systems of production was demonstrated by Sergey Obozov, the Director of Development at the State Atomic Energy Corporation 'Rosatom', Vladimir Arzhentsov, the Curator of the 'Lean Polyclinic' project in Russia and Nadezhda Davydova, the Head of Production Systems at Rosatom. Tsuyoshi Negisi, a representative from the Japan Centre for the Development of Trade and Economic Relations, based in Nizhny Novgorod, presented an educational course called, 'The Success of Kaizen** Activities through Increased Staff Motivation'.

Dr Svetlana Gayvoronskaya, the Head of the Project Department of the Rector's office, and Professor Lilia Zimakova, the Acting Head of the Lean Department, from the Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit at the Institute of Economics, gave a report entitled 'The Introduction of Lean Manufacturing principles into Scientific, Educational and Management activities: BSNRU as an example of a Lean University'. Dr Gayvoronskaya spoke about the creation of new educational products focused on the needs of the wider world and the involvement of university staff in the continuous improvement of internal processes. During her presentation, she stated,

"The Lean University project is a new opportunity for optimisation and the rational use of resources, this involves an increase in labour productivity and the development of a corporate culture, as well as new economic and social values."

* The modern idea of 'Lean' manufacturing is a concept developed by Toyota in the 1970s designed to reduce waste and increase value to customers. It is credited in Japan with taking Toyota from relative obscurity to global dominance in car manufacturing.

** Kaizen is the Japanese word that expresses the idea of 'continuous development'.

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