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Professor Andrei Polonsky Contributes to International Monographs

Two monographs published by Belgorod State National Research University were the result of creative cooperation between scientists from different countries.

'The Artistic Text: Cultural Tradition and Media Reality' (Belgorod: Belgorod Publishing House, BSNRU, 2017. - 147 s.) and 'The Russian province: pro et contra' (Belgorod: Belgorod Publishing House, BSNRU, 2017. - 157 pp.) were published by our university with the financial support of the Department of Foreign Language, Literature and Culture at the University of Bergamo in Italy.

The monographs were the result of the creative cooperation of a team which united researchers from the Faculty of Journalism at BSNRU with philologists, sociologists, historians, culturologists and media communications specialists from Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Russia and the USA.

'Artistic text: cultural tradition and media reality' was written by E. N. Bryzgalov, M. Verdicchio, A. E. Visononi, V. G. Glushkov, A. De Biazio, I. E. Ivanova, F. Pasquali, W. Percy, O. Pinessey, A. V. Polonsky and A. Pstyga. It concerns real problems of artistic communication which currently takes place in a new digital culture that involves the rapid development of multimedia and network technologies. This is a subject that draws attention from both theorists and practitioners.

'The Russian Province: pro et contra', was written by M. Valerie, A. E. Visononi, V. G. Glushkov, O. Diskkachati, V. I. Dyatlov, L. Zayonts, R. Kazari, N. V. Lipatova, E. Lounsbury, E. Marie, S. A. Panarin, U. Percy, A. V. Polonsky and O. Frolova. It describes the reality of the Russian province in its various forms and the ways it is represented in artistic and journalistic text, in painting and in network media. Professor Polonsky explained,

"The team of authors laid out their understanding of the role of the province in the contemporary cultural, social and political life of Russia."

According to experts, the emergence of such joint work is due to the profound interest of researchers from different countries in getting to the bottom of the processes that characterise modern culture. The understanding is that these processes not only generate new conditions in cultural life, but also effect existing culture.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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