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Professor Cherkasov Delivers a Live Lecture

The BSNRU Media Centre broadcast a lecture in conjunction with the Pedagogical Institutes Faculty of Pre-School, Primary and Special Education as part of the 'Days of Russian Language and Literature' project run by the Ministry of Education.

Professor Valery Cherkasov is a Doctor of Philology and Professor of the Department of Theory, Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education and Fine Arts. He delivered a lecture on the Pushkin novel 'The Captain's Daughter', in the course of which he defined the genre of the novel, its problems, outlined the characters, shared the latest theories concerning the novel and explained the main idea of the work. Professor Cherkasov highlighted many interesting details in the work, and illustrated his characterisations of the main protagonists with portraits, quotations and facts. In the course of the lecture the Professor said,

Different social concepts are in irreconcilable contradiction with each other and induce their supporters to bloody civil strife. Through the fates of Pyotr Grinyov and Masha Mironova, Pushkin strove to express his dream of 'truly human social relations', based on the idea of charity.

The lecture was attended by students from his Faculty and the live broadcast was watched by around 40,000 viewers. After the presentational part of the lecture, Professor Cherkasov expressed his personal opinion of the novel and answered questions from the audience.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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