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BSNRU Professor Gives Lectures at the University of Bergamo

Professor Andrei Polonsky, a Doctor of Philology, delivered a series of lectures to students on Bachelor's Degree courses at the University of Bergamo in Italy.

Professor Andrei Polonsky, Head of the Department of Journalism, was lecturing as part of our University's program for the development of international academic mobility for scientific and pedagogical staff, and the promotion of our scientific and educational potential abroad. Professor Polonsky, as visiting Professor at the University of Bergamo, delivered a series of lectures on 'Modern media text as an object of linguistic research', and participated in a joint research project called 'Strategies for representing university education in RuNet'.

Professor Polonsky also delivered a lecture on 'The Cultural Policy of Modern Russia.' at the invitation of the Bergamo Italy-Russia Association, an organisation whose activities are focused on the development of cultural and business cooperation between our two countries.
While there, Professor Polonsky took the opportunity to attend a series of lectures by leading teachers from the University of Bergamo, including 'Literature and Culture in Advertising Communication' by Professor Flaminia Nicora, 'Digital Media and Network Communities' By Professor Francesca Pasquali, and 'Russian Abroad: Literature, Journalism and Publicity in the 19th and 20th Century' by Professor Ugo Persi.
Università degli Studi di Bergamo (UniBg) is a state-funded higher education institution in Italy. Teaching at the University began in 1968, when the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature was opened. Today, the university has more than 19,000 students, about a thousand of whom are foreign citizens. The university has around 700 teachers. More than a third of all faculty members are specialists from other countries.

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