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A New International Laboratory Means New International Cooperation

BSNRU has teamed up with Kostanay State University to create a new international research laboratory called 'Agro-Nanotechnology and Agricultural Crop Forecasting'

The goal of the laboratory is to conduct joint research on a number of the most important problems facing the agricultural sector of both countries. Scientists from the partner universities will work on the creation of technology and systems for the intelligent monitoring, forecasting and management of agricultural ecosystems in the context of global climate change. They will also work on the development of technology for the application of growth regulators and plant protection products based on carbon nano-clusters (fullerenes) from plant extracts and strains of bacteria. They also plan to study the varietal stability of crops under stress factors, such as drought, disease and chemical pesticides, and the development of methods for increasing stability.

The laboratory was set up by Professor Viktor Korobov, Head of the Department of Biology, Dr Elena Dumachova, Professor Alexandr Verentsev, Head of the Department of General Chemistry and Dr Pyotr Kasyanov, from Kostanay State University.

The new international laboratory is already up and running, with students from the Department of Biology conducting research there. Ella Alles and Alina Selyutina are studying the influence of biological products on the resistance of potatoes to pests and diseases. They will report on their results at a future BSNRU Scientific Session.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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