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A Colleague From Our University Represents Our Region at a National Conference

The 5th National Conference on 'The Future of Medical Museums in Russia' took place in Moscow.

The conference was organised by the Russian Society of Medical Historians, the Centre for the Development of Medical History Museums in Russia, and the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry (MSUMD). Belgorod Region was represented by Dr Olga Kisteneva, Associate Professor of the Medical Institute's Faculty Therapy Department and a member of the Russian Society of Medical Historians.

On the initiative of Professor Konstantin Pashkov, the chairman of the Russian Society of Medical Historians, conferences are held with the participation of scientists from around the world. This allows Russian specialists to trade experience with foreign colleagues, and become aware of their scientific knowledge and museum exhibitions. For the last four years the conference has been attended by leading experts in the operation of museums and medical museums, and by medical historians from around the world. The international guests at this year's conference were Professor Alfredo Musajo Somma, Professor of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Bari in Italy and Board-member of the International Society of the History of Medicine, Dr Pascale Pollier-Green, President of the Association Européenne des Illustrateurs Médicaux et Scientifiques, and Professor Juris Salaks of the Museum of the History of Medicine in Riga.

In his opening speech, Professor Oleg Yanushevich, the Rector of MSUMD, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Chairman of the Russian Society of Doctors, said,
This is the fifth year that an event dedicated to medical museums in Russia has been held, and time has proved their urgent need. At these conferences, there is an intensive exchange of experience by specialists from all regions of the country, discussing the most pressing problems in the development of medical museums, and the forms that solutions may take.

The stand-out feature of the 2018 conference were the master classes conducted by Dr Pollier-Green. In the UK, Professor Pollier-Green is widely known in the museum world as an author of unique works on the history of medicine and as a master in the creation of wax casts. The realism of her work is endlessly fascinating.

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