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Scholarships Awarded to the Year's Best Students

The 'Generation' Humanitarian Foundation held the award ceremony for our Region at BSNRU's Youth Cultural Centre.

Among those gathered for the 'Student of the Year' presentation were Deputy Andrei Skotch, Member of the Federal Duma and Chairman of the 'Generation' Humanitarian Foundation, Metropolitan Ioann, Bishop of Belgorod and Stary Oskol, and Professor Oleg Polukhin, Rector of the University.

This year, the winners of the 'Generation' Humanitarian Foundation award were determined by open voting via their on-line portal, this is a new format. According to the vote, fifteen students from different universities of the city and the region were awarded with 1st Prize diplomas. They had achieved excellent academic results, engaged in active research, and participated in sports and creative activity. Seven of these students were from Belgorod State National Research University.

Pavel Chuyev, from the Pedagogical Institute, won the award for 'Sporting Achievement', Zlata Kapustina, from the Institute of Medicine, won for 'Natural Sciences and Medicine', Anastasia Kurchenko, also from the Pedagogical Institute, won for her work on 'Pedagogical Innovation', Marina Matusevich, a student of the Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations, received her 1st Prize for her work on 'Journalism, Literature and Linguistics', and Alina Kalinichenko, from the Institute of Engineering Technology and Natural Science, won in her category of 'Information Technology and Systems'. Two of our Stary Oskol students were also rewarded, with Alexander Merenkov being awarded the prize for 'Economy and Business', and Nina Alekhina for her work on 'Professional Craftsmanship, and Craft and Applied Art'.

Deputy Skoch in his role as head of the Foundation, presented diplomas to the winners, congratulating the students and thanking their mentors, saying,
"Your victory is well-deserved. I would like to give thanks to all those who put their creative energy into helping these students, to the teachers, the parents, and the mentors. In order to achieve such good results, you inspired tenacity and courage in them, and a certain impudence I mean that in a good way."

The Rector thanked Deputy Skotch, and urged the winners of the 'Best Student of the Year' on to new victories.
Eight students from the University were awarded 2nd Prize. These were, Ruslan Khoroshilov, Svetlana Sviridova, Alina Ilchenko, Daria Korneva, Madina Muminova, Yulia Solovey, Polina Melikhova and Alexey Krivosheev.

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