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The University Hosts Its First Obstetrics Competition

The 'I'm an Obstetrician' student competition was held in the Simulation Centre at Belgorod State National Research University's Institute of Medicine.

Fifteen Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Year students of Pediatric Medicine took part in the competition. The students were asked to complete five tasks, each of which represented an aspect of work with a patient. These were consultation, examination, research, labour and official record-keeping for the birth process. The time of each assignment was limited, and the actions of the participants were observed by their tutors and a jury. Participants were assessed by representatives from the Department of Public Health and Social Protection of the Region's Population, Health Care Institutions, and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University.

We've not had competitions like this in the Institute of Medicine before. For us students, this is an excellent opportunity to assess our capabilities before our forthcoming accreditation, as the tasks and conditions are similar. This is my future profession, and it is useful to acquire certain skills in this manner. said Ekaterina Kulakova, a Sixth Year student.

In first place was Anna Terekhina, a Fifth Year, second was Chakar Amirkhanova, a Sixth Year, and Darya Choban, another Fifth Year, was placed third.

The Simulation Centre at the Medical Institute was opened about a year ago. It allows the University to conduct similar events regularly that assess the knowledge and practical skills of future specialists in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, as well as in other areas.

 Reporter is Anastasia Chugay, Translation by Ian Turner, Photo by Victoria Kolosova

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