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Angolan Students Hold a Forum at BSNRU

The 2nd International Student Academic Forum, titled 'Scientific Research as a Factor in the Development of Angola' was held at the Centre for Cross-Cultural Communication in Belgorod State National Research University.

The organisers and participants in the forum were Alumni from Angola. Chief among these were Dr Carlos Jorge Kete, Assistant Chair of Constitutional and International Law at the Institute of Law, and Mr Joseph Casimir Erinelt da Fonseca, a graduate of the Institute of Economy. The forum brought students together from Belgorod, Moscow and Voronezh Universities.

Dr Mikhail Trubitsyn, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, welcomed students on behalf of the Rector. He noted that the developed infrastructure, security and high level of education provided by BSNRU make it an attractive place to study, saying,
Belgorod State National Research University is confidently taking its place in international ratings. We pride ourselves on being very attentive to the needs of our foreign students, we are all like one big family.

Mr Antonio Mwanza Loja, the head of the Student Department at the Embassy of the Republic of Angola, on behalf of the Ambassador of the Republic of Angola to the Russian Federation, His Excellency Joaquim Augusto de Lemos, thanked the leadership of BSNRU for their attentiveness towards Angolan students, for the support given, and indeed the opportunity for them to realise their full potential, saying,
The future belongs to the young, but only if we all conscientiously fulfil our duties. A graduate who wants to find employment in Angola must be hard-working, creative, and build something new.

During the forum, the participants gave presentations on topical issues related to Angolan science and cultural activities. Professor Vladimir Moskovskin, from the Centre for Strategic Development and Science, presented 'The Level of Development and Competitiveness in the Angolan Scientific System', Mr da Fonseca spoke on 'Prospects for the Creation of the Angolan Academy of Sciences as a Factor in the Country's Scientific and Innovative Development', and Dr Kete's theme was 'Academic Exchange as a Factor in the Development of Science and Technology in Angola'. Mr Pablo Ybarra An Ping Chan gave a report on 'The Development of Scientific Research in Ecuador'.

Mr Loja and Dr Trubitsyn also had time to have meeting with students from Angola, during which the problems of education and prospects for cooperation were discussed.

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