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Students from the Institute of Economics Win Prizes at an International Conference

Voronezh State University hosted the 6th International Student Scientific Conference on 'Practical Problems in Economics and Management: Theory and Practice'.

Artem Seminog and Ilya Sorokin travelled to the Conference as representatives of the Institute of Economics. 250 teachers and students from Russia and further afield participated in discussions around contemporary economic problems. Mr Seminog and Mr Sorokin presented the results of their research on institutional problems in the modern Russian economy, that they conducted under the guidance of Dr Inessa Luksha, Assistant Professor at the Department of Global Economics.

Mr Sorokin's talk was titled 'Ten Years On: The Causes and Consequences of the Financial and Economic Crisis of 2008-2009.' Mr Seminog presented a report on 'The Russian Economy through the Prism of International Macroeconomic Comparisons: Problems and Perspectives.' Our two students received certificates for their work, which were awarded by Professor Pavel Kanapukhin, Dean of the Faculty of Economics at Voronezh State University. Their participation was possible due to the 'BSNRU System for the Selective Support of Young Scientists'.

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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