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Botanical Garden Plants Lilacs

The 'Belgorod Lilac' project has reached its final stages in preparation for Victory Day.

Several dozen varieties of lilac seedlings, acquired in the best nurseries of the country, have been planted by BSNRU's Botanical Garden. The work will go on into the middle of May, but the main planting on the University campus is planned to be completed before the Victory Day celebrations. Students from the whole university and employees of the Botanical Garden have prepared the beds and planted the first varieties of lilac, which include the 'Marshal Baghramyan Lilac', belonging to the 'Victory' variety.

The 'Belgorod Lilac' project has not only biological and ecological value, but also aesthetic and patriotic significance. In his annual report of 19th April this year Governor Evgeny Savchenko, Chairman of the BSNRU Supervisory Board, stated,

Thanks to BSNRU, this year saw the launch of a very interesting project, decorative in nature, the selection and mass planting of lilacs, a flower beloved of Belgorod. They have ambitious plans to make Belgorod a world lilac centre. I think they will succeed.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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