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Blood Donor Day at BSNRU

More than 60 staff and students from our university took part.

Blood Donor Day has become an annual event in the University, and is timed to coincide with National Donor Day, held on 20th April. 28 people were already waiting as the doors opened.

More than 30 litres of blood were donated in 5 hours. Many people gave blood for the first time. Students who did not have time to donate blood in the university on the day, can and do donate blood at the Belgorod Regional Blood Transfusion Station.
Tatyana Ilinova, the head of the Belgorod branch of the 'Donor Search' project, explained that,

Donor Day is an important event aimed at saving lives, and contributes to research. Donors from BSNRU are helping people in trouble, and some day, that could be them. It is wonderful that the number of people who want to donate increases every year, and more and more young people are coming forward to help save someone's life.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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