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BNRU Welcomes Guests from the Czech Republic

A delegation of specialists in Pharmaceutical Technology and Analytical Chemistry from Charles University's Faculty of Pharmacy visited BNRU's Institute of Medicine

Professor Petr Solich, head of Charles University's Department of Pharmacy at the Hradec Králové Campus, along with Dr Eva Šnejdrová, of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, and BNRU graduate Maria Khalikova, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences and research fellow at Charles University's Department of Analytical Chemistry, visited the Institute of Medicine. Dr Elena Zhilyakova and Dr Oleg Novikov showed our guests around the departments of Pharmaceutical Technology and Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy. Dr Mikhail Pokrovsky then showed them round the Pharmacology of Living Systems Scientific Research Institute.

Next on the list was a visit to the Belgorod Regional Clinical Hospital of St. Joasaph, where they saw the practical analytical work that is carried out there. Then they visited the Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnologies Research Education and Innovation Centre.

During the visit, our visitors were able to explain Charles University's areas of research in Pharmaceutical Technology and Analytical Chemistry. Cooperation in educational and scientific activities, as well as the possibility of academic mobility for postgraduates and Junior Researchers, were also discussed at the same meeting. Ms Khalikova shared her experiences of working in scientific laboratories in the Czech Republic, France and Belgium.

A conference was held at the Centre for Cross-Cultural Communication, where postgraduates and Junior Researchers gave presentations on their scientific work. The guests were obviously impressed with the standards and potential of our Junior Researchers.

Professor Solich and his team discussed practical matters at a meeting with Dr Vladislav Kuchmisty, the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation, Dr Mikhail Pisarenko, the head of the Department for International Cooperation, and Dr Irina Shumakova, the head of the Department for Postgraduate Development and Advanced Study. Topics included possible joint research projects, internships for postgraduates and Junior Researchers writing their dissertations (and the assessment of those dissertations), as well as exchanging teaching staff.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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