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'Mr BNRU' 2018

The Youth Cultural Centre hosted the finals of the annual 'Mr BNRU' student competition.

The competition was organised by the Council of the BNRU Student Union, and was assisted by the Department for Cultural and Educational Affairs and the Youth Cultural Centre (YCC). In honour of the centenary of the Russian army, each of the participants represented a type of soldier, randomly determined by lottery.

Contestants from the whole University took part in preliminary stages on the way to the final. The first stage focused on intellectual ability, the second tested sporting prowess based on Army Basic Training. The competitors had lessons in hand-to-hand fighting, and shooting small calibre weapons.

In the final, our young men showed that they are not only smart and strong, but also talented and artistic. They presented short videos showcasing their creativity in dance, song, acting and playing instruments. Throughout the final, there was unceasing applause and cheering from supporters.
Competitors were congratulated by Denis Kushakov, 'Mr BNRU' 2017, who said,

The most important aspect of this competition, is the young men standing in front of you. And it does not matter who took what place today, because while prizes may gather dust, and ribbons lose their lustre, our memories will live on forever. So remember this moment, and know that for your supporters, you are a winner!

In the end it was Vladislav Kisil, a student at the Pedagogical Institute's Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science Education, who took the spoils and the title of 'Mr BNRU' 2018. Elvin Fakhratov, a student at the Institute of Management, took second place, and the title of 'Deputy Mr BNRU'. Yuri Fisenko, a student at the Faculty of Journalism, won the popular vote.

 Anastasia Chugay, Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic

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