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BNRU Hosts an International Economics Conference on Marx

The Institute of Economics hosted a conference called  'Issues in Modern Economic Thinking'.

The Department of Global Economics ran the Conference which involved economists, historians, philosophers and sociologists from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Armenia. The meeting was held to mark UNESCO declaring 2018 the year of Karl Marx. Dr Vadim Mishunin, acting Vice-Rector for Scientific and Innovative Affairs, welcomed participants on behalf of the University, noting the importance such a Conference at this time. Professor Marina Vladykova, the Director of the Institute of Economics, suggested that the economic crisis of 2009 has raised interest in Marx's seminal work 'Capital', as a fundamental scientific work that helps to explain the nature of such crises and their cyclical nature. Dr Elena Kamyshanchenko, head of the Department of Global Economics, emphasised the importance and relevance today of ideas put forward by Marx in the 19th century.
Professor Vladimir Moskovkin, of the Department of Global Economics, posited that many countries in the world would inevitably make a 'left turn' in their economic development. Dr Aleksandr Kovriga, Deputy Director of the Centre for Traditional Cultures in Moscow, gave a report entitled 'The Legacy of Karl Marx and the Challenges of Modernity: the Fate of Historic Humanism and Political Economy in a Broad Sense'. In it he stressed that the research conducted by Karl Marx rouses the interest of philosophers, economists, political scientists, sociologists, culturologists and other scholars from various fields, as much now as it did 100 years ago. Professor Evgeny Dvoretsky, from the Department of General History, spoke about the Marx and Marxism in the development of human thought.

Marx has had more scientific papers devoted to him than any other scientist in the world, according to the United States Library of Congress catalogue. China, Japan, and some European countries have established research universities studying the doctrine and methodology of Karl Marx. His theory of Surplus Value' remains a fundamental economic doctrine.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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