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BNRU's 'Young Researcher School' Concludes

The School saw students meeting with prominent experts from the fields of Philology, Theology, Philosophy, and Intellectual Property.

The University's Student Scientific Society initiated the Young Researcher School along with Professor Pavel Olkhov, and Dr Andrei Kuznetsov, from the Theology and Philosophy Department, Dr Tatyana Toktarova, head of the Intellectual Property Department, and communication coach Olesya Shkreba.

Alina Kamilu, chair of the Student's Scientific Society, reported that this year has seen a change to the School's format, saying,
We conducted eight lessons in two months, which any student could attend, even if they did not register. All the classes were aimed at developing students both academically and personally.

Students were able to ask questions and share their own observations during the classes. During a concluding ceremony, where students were presented with certificates, the Student Scientific Society expressed their gratitude to all those who had supported this project. Among others, they thanked the Teacher and Staff Trade Union, and the 'Foresight' school of foreign languages. Dr Alexander Zhikharev, head of the Department for Research Work with Students and Young Scientists, said,

The third year of the Young Researcher School is over, and we are sure that all those who participated had only positive things to say. We cordially invite everyone to cooperate fully in next year's School.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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