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From the Ancient to the Ultramodern

A team from BNRU took part in a seminar organised by the Cypriot Department of Antiquity, which discussed the future of internships and study programs in Cyprus for Russian students

BNRU was invited to the event by Moscow State University (MSU), which has many ties to our University, forged over many years of cooperation in various fields. The 'Gnosis' Centre at MSU organised the meeting designed to familiarise leading Russian universities with the available short-term student internship programs. Our team, from the Pedagogical Institute's Department of History and Philology, was able to prepare a cooperation agreement, which, upon its ratification by Professor Oleg Polukhin, Rector of BNRU, will allow our students to take up internships in Cyprus this September. Professor Andrei Papkov, the head of the Pedagogical Institute's Department of History and Philology, said that,

This is an extraordinary opportunity for our students. Suffice it to say, that in a territory almost three times smaller than Belgorod Region, there are 3 monuments listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, with another 11 waiting to be added. As well as developing students practical skills, these types of agreements are of great importance for our International Centre for the History of Neighbourhood and Identity.

Of particular interest to us is the Cyprus Institute, a unique non-profit organisation specialising in high-tech research in the field of archaeology and art. The Institute's supercomputer is capable of processing large volumes of information, with emphasis on energy and atmospheric phenomena. Unlike most similar organisations, the Cyprus Institute operates on the assumption of an inseparable link between research and teaching and training. The Institute implements accredited Master's and Doctoral programs. Professor Papkov continued,

We received a lot of information from the leadership of the Cyprus Institute, which we will pass on to our colleagues specialising in earth sciences, engineering and information technology, with the hope of further cooperation between our University and the Institute. It is not by accident that their motto 'Research. Technology. Innovation.' has something in common with ours.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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