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A Special Birthday

The Institute of Cross-Cultural Communication and International Relations (ICCIR) celebrated its 5th anniversary at BNRU's Youth Cultural Centre.

Administrators, students, graduates, teachers and employees of the ICCIR gathered in the Centre, where they were welcomed on behalf of the University's management by Dr Vladislav Kuchmisty, the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation. Dr Kuchmisty noted that the institute today is blessed with highly qualified teachers and talented students, saying,

The Institute carries on the important mission of creating a culturally aware graduate with a high degree of language skill. I am sure that such an institution is an indispensable element of any modern university which is focused on attaining a high ranking in the international educational space.
In her address, Professor Olga Prokhorova, Director of the ICCIR, spoke about the founding of the Institute, its achievements and prospects for the future. She expressed gratitude to the teachers who had been there from the beginning, thanking them for their tremendous work and continued commitment.
Dr Irina Belogortseva, Vice-Rector for Research at the Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture (BSIAC), and graduate of the ICCIR, conveyed congratulations from Professor Sergei Kurganski, the Rector of the BSIAC. In her speech, Dr Belogortseva noted that the ICCIR teaches friendship and good relations, saying,

Graduates of your Institute fulfil the great mission of broadcasting Russian culture to the rest of the world. They establish ties with other nations in their own languages. They represent Russia with dignity, defend its interests, and preserve and convey truthful cultural and historical information about our country.
Dr Izolda Kucherova then addressed her fellow teachers and the students on behalf of ICCIR alumni, and noted that the Faculty, and now the Institute, has always been at the forefront in Russia.

Thirty-eight teachers of the Institute received letters of gratitude for their many years of conscientious work. The culmination of the celebration was a concert program prepared by graduates and students from the ICCIR, which included songs and monologues in English, French, Chinese, Korean, from famous dramatic works and established classics of world literature. The 'Mlada' folk ensemble from BSIAC then performed for the audience.
The ICCIR has 150 highly qualified teachers, of which 11 are Doctors of Science, and more than 90 are Candidates of Science. Teachers from the institute have gained experience in scientific and teaching work at universities in the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Italy, Poland, China and many other countries. The number of students enrolled at the Institute is growing every year. In 2013, 538 students were enrolled in the institute, in 2018, 958 people are enrolled, of which 247 are foreign students from 80 countries.

Students from the Institute increasingly frequently win scholarships from the Potanin Foundation, from the President of Russia, and from the Governor of Belgorod Region, which are awarded for their academic and creative success. They also take part in educational conferences at leading universities around the country, and in scholastic language and international relations competitions. In the last 5 years, more than 200 ICCIR students have benefited from the University's foreign exchange program in different disciplines.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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