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BNRU Experts Advise a Parliamentary Committee

Lecturers from the Pedagogical Institute's Faculty of Psychology participated in a discussion organised by the Federal Duma Committee for Education and Science.

The Committee held the meeting on the theme of 'Improving the Organisation of Psychological, Pedagogical, Medical and Social Assistance for Students Experiencing Difficulties in Mastering Basic General Education Programs, and their Development and Social Adaptation'.

Participants discussed the strategic goals for the development of education in the Russian Federation, focusing on preserving and strengthening student welfare, reducing the risks of their maladjustment, better socialisation, ensuring better accessibility, improving overall quality and providing comprehensive professional assistance for all categories of students, regardless of their location within the Federation.
Professor Alexander Gerasimov, head of the Faculty of Psychology's Department of Developmental and Social Psychology, along with his departmental colleague Dr Larisa Godovnikova, represented Belgorod Region at the meeting in Moscow.

The Department has been training educational psychologists for more than ten years, actively assisting students experiencing difficulties mastering basic general education programs, and helping them with their development and social adaptation. In the current academic year, the department began to develop and introduce a new system of psychological and pedagogical support for students with disabilities. It is based at the Pedagogical Institute, and runs with the assistance of the BNRU Psychological Service.

Our colleagues helped the Committee to draw comparisons and focus on priorities. Participants highlighted pressing issues around the organisation of comprehensive assistance for students with disabilities, the development of basic general education programs, continuity in general education, and issues around the lack of vocational education opportunities in higher education for people with disabilities.
The meeting started a debate on the issue of staffing levels and conditions for those working with students with psychological, pedagogical, medical and social needs.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing


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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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