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Lilacs of Friendship

Guests at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Universities International Youth Forum planted lilac saplings in the BNRU Botanical Garden.

On the first day of the Forum, representatives from SCO embassies and leaders of the SCO universities attending the conference planted lilac saplings, replenishing the stock growing at the Lilac Cultivation Centre (LCC) in the Botanical Garden.

Professor Oleg Polukhin, Rector of BNRU, personally conducted a tour of our Botanical Garden, on which he talked about the projects being implemented there, including the 'Belgorod Lilac' Regional project, where the University is taking a leading role. The guests toured the greenhouse complex and the LCC, which is a recent addition to the Botanical Garden, where they planted sixteen lilac saplings of eight varieties bred by Victor Lemoine, the 19th century French horticulturist.

The Forum is a series of seminars, business simulations and lectures in three main subject areas. Namely, 'The Development of Youth Entrepreneurship in SCO Countries', 'International Strategic Cooperation in Education and Science', and 'Cultural Interaction for Students of SCO Universities'.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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