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SCO International Youth Forum Concludes

The 3rd Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Universities Youth Forum has concluded at BNRU with the adoption of a Resolution.

The Resolution was adopted at the final plenary session of the two-day forum. In his closing address, Professor Oleg Polukhin, Rector of BNRU, outlined the main events of the Forum, highlighting the successful negotiations BNRU had held with foreign delegations. He thanked everyone who organised and spoke at the events, and invited them to share their ideas and express their thoughts on the Forum.

Maria Sirotinina, President of the Association of Student Business Incubators, summed up the results of the forum on the 'Development of Entrepreneurship in the SCO', saying,
Students from China and Kazakhstan presented their projects and talked about how they got into business. This prompted an interesting discussion on the problems around how to launch a product in SCO countries and how to go about starting a company abroad.

Alexei Yezhov, Director of the Russian Union of Youth (RUY) Centre for International Programs, underlined the importance of the Resolution in developing and launching additional educational programs in the interests of business. He also said that, upon its approbation, this year will see the implementation of the 'Russian-Uzbek Business Incubator' project. He said that,
The Russian Union of Youth will fully support this system of additional education. Belgorod Region is well-known for its business projects. It will be possible to select mentors for young people who are creating their own business project, and I propose adding this as an addendum to the Resolution of the Forum.

The Resolution adopted unanimously at the final plenary session contained agreement that the importance of the SCO is growing, that the youth play a special role in developing priorities for future cooperation, and that important economic and social projects like the SCO Youth Card, the 'Tochka Rosta' student app, and RUY backed International Youth Business Incubators, are significant projects that contribute to strengthening peace and prosperity among SCO countries. The Resolution urges a new level of practical cooperation between international students and Junior Researchers, with the creation of educational online courses, the expansion of the number of joint research laboratories and centres, and the creation of unions and associations to promote cultural understanding.
In his summary, Professor Polukhin noted that all the proposals and addenda will be submitted to the Organising Committee for the final adoption of the Resolution.

On the final day, a concert celebrating the Forum was held at the Youth Cultural Centre, and the formal closing of the forum took place at the Nezhegol Complex, the University's rural Conference and Health Centre near Shebekino.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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