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Good News from BNRU's Scientific Council

At a regular meeting of the University's Scientific Council, members heard about the successful development of partnerships and research

The first order of the day was the conferring of a Professorship on Dr Tamara Lipich. Professor Oleg Polukhin, Rector of BNRU, wished Professor Lipich continued success in her role as Head of the Department of Philosophy and Theology.

Next on the agenda was a report from Dr Eduard Snegin, the director of the Genetic Selection Research Centre, on the work of the Centre and proposals for its future. Dr Snegin spoke about the Centre's work with five agricultural enterprises in the year since the opening of the Centre's laboratory. The first quarter of this year saw agreements concluded with 14 agricultural producers, and to date, 1200 animals had already been examined. The increasing demand for research is indicated by the fact that in the whole of 2017, the Centre earned about ₽2m. In only the first quarter of this year the Centre has already raised ₽3m. Dr Snegin plans for the Centre to cover all the breeding farms in Belgorod region. The Scientific Council was highly impressed with the Centre's achievements in their introduction of molecular genetic technology into the agricultural sector of the economy, and keen that Dr Snegin and his colleagues share their techniques and experience with colleagues in other BNRU Research Centres.
The Council was also pleased to hear about the continuing success of the International Laboratory of Applied Biotechnology, which combines the efforts of Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and the Netherlands in addressing micro-clonal propagation of agricultural plants and technology for processing organic waste. Dr Irina Batlutskaya, the head of the Laboratory, said that BNRU Science Departments are acting as intermediaries between our local commercial enterprises and foreign scientific organisations, ensuring the development of productive contracts, while preparing the ground for a mutually beneficial transfer of technology. Dr Batlutskaya sees a future in further strengthening cooperation with the staff of partner universities, updating our material and technical facilities, and in the creation of an Innovation Research Centre for Applied Biotechnology.

Vasily Melnikov, Deputy Chief of the Department of Agro-Industrial Affairs for Belgorod Region, gave his evaluation of the work of the Laboratory. He outlined the need for the Laboratory to substitute products usually imported from abroad. Professor Polukhin fully endorsed Mr Melnikov, saying,
We must pay special attention to this matter. The results achieved by the Laboratory can ensure the improvement of crops in the region, and in the near future we need to outline a definite plan for the future along with the Region's enterprises, primarily horticultural ones. This could lead to the creation of joint ventures and the commercialisation of scientific breakthroughs.

The Scientific Council resolved to back the program for the development of the International Laboratory of Applied Biotechnology to 2021.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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