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A Regional Competition on Electoral Process

Participants in the competition gathered at BNRU, where the Academic Council Chamber was the venue for awards and speeches. Prizes were handed out for work on the Electoral Process and Electoral Law

Senior BNRU staff, alongside students and postgraduate students from the Law Institute and the Department of Public Policy, students from Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics and Law, and students from Belgorod State Technical University's Gubkin Branch, joined members of the Region Electoral Commission and the Regional Department for Internal and Personnel Policy. The competition is aimed at enhancing the level of legal and political awareness of the general public and the officials they elect. The best work is sent to the national Central Election Committee.

Igor Lazarev, the Chairman of the Belgorod Regional Election Commission expressed his gratitude to BNRU for hosting the competition, saying,
Jury members noted participants' high level of knowledge about suffrage, and the standards of education. We are delighted, because the Election Commission is very interested in the further development of this competition

Dr Svetlana Ostrikova, Vice-Rector for Cultural and Educational Affairs, thanked colleagues from other universities, the students, and all those who assisted in preparations for the elections for Regional Governor, and for the Presidency of the Russian Federation. She said that this year had been difficult, due to the sheer amount of work carried out in order to involve students in the electoral process. She went on to say that academic staff are proud when students who win at Regional level go on to compete at National level.

Professor Evgeny Tonkov, Director of the Law Institute, said that BNRU was chosen as host because graduates of the Law Institute are in demand in jurisprudence and management, and take up responsible positions at the Regional and Federal levels.

After students and teachers had presented their projects, Mr Lazarev and Albina Buchek, the head of the Department of Professional Education and Science at the Regional Department of Internal and Personnel Policy, gave out the prizes. Victoria Kutko and Lyudmila Nikonova from the staff, and students Anna Zharikova, Maria Pedko, Oleg Skopenko, and Irina Khmelevskaya, all received diplomas recognising their achievements.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Languages and Academic Writing

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