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BNRU Volunteer Workers Garner Praise

Two student volunteers from our University were awarded a certificate at a national conference celebrating the volunteer movement

Law students Julia Poderyagina and Tamara Dolzhenko, the latter being Chair of the Law Institute's Volunteer Organisation, represented the University at the 3rd national conference on 'Motherland: Patriotism, Citizenship and Tolerance'. The conference was organised as part of the 'Year of the Volunteer'. The students prepared a presentation on 'Adaptive Fitness for People with Disabilities', under the guidance of Dr Elena Tsukanova, Deputy Director of the Legal Institute for Social and Educational Work.

'Adaptive Fitness' is a new field concerned with fitness programs for people with physical disabilities, and for those with restricted access to general fitness activities. The main aim of an Adaptive Fitness Program is to maximise fitness for a disabled person in a bespoke manner, thus allowing them to get the most out of life, and bringing about all the benefits that an active lifestyle affords.

The conference was hosted at Izhevsk State Technical University by 'The Vyatka Natives' a youth organisation devoted to cultural ideas. In total, more than 270 projects from all corners of the country were showcased. Our students were awarded with a certificate recognising their efforts.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing


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