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BNRU Student Wins a Prestigious Web Design Award

Anton Shirin, studying at the Institute of Social Science and Mass Communication's Faculty of Journalism, won a top prize at the 11th International Educational Competition for IT, 'IT Planet 2017-18'

The final of 'IT-Planet 2017-18' took place in Tyumen. The competition is enormous, taking 2 years to complete and involving more than 20,000 IT students from all over the CIS. 350 made it through to this year's final held in Russia's oldest Siberian town. Among them was Mr Shirin, who had outshone all but 1 of the 6377 competitors in the 'Web Design' category. He reflected that,
There was a significant competition not only in terms of quantity, but also in the quality of the submitted projects, many of which were extremely professional. The jury were focused on the user-interface of the design, which was good for the winner, a competitor from Tyumen, who offered a mobile version of his project. I focused more on marketing and conceptual work, but I also worked very hard on the presentation itself, and the jury evidently appreciated that.

The ceremony was attended by Sergei Shalashny, the Chair of the Organising Committee, Ruslan Gulyaev, Head of the Department for Professional Education at the Tyumen Regional Department of Education and Science, and Vladimir Bauer, Acting Rector of Tyumen Industrial University.
Top three finishers in the 16 categories received cash prizes, trophies and certificates and will have an opportunity to meet with sponsors of the competition with a view to future employment. BNRU received a letter of gratitude for our enthusiastic participation in the competition from the Organising Committee.

 Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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