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The WorldSkills Championship

At the closing ceremony for the University round of the Championship, winners were selected for the 'IT Solutions for Business' and 'Entrepreneurship' categories

BNRU has concluded its first WorldSkills Championship according to the standards of WorldSkills Russia. In his closing address to the participants, judges, and guests, Dr Alexander Galtsev, Head of Admissions and Director of the Centre for University Preparation, noted that the Championship was not just about identifying the strongest participants, but also about helping judges and organisers improve the University's process of training specialists in international competencies.

Dr Maria Pravdina, an IT expert and Chief Judge for the competition, thanked those who had facilitated Championship, and congratulated the participants on successfully navigating the competition and noted that many of them had demonstrated a high level of competency.
Dr Pravdina announced the winners in the 'Business IT Solutions' category, and awarded prizes from the '1C Company', who sponsor the event. Veronika Zhukova, a student at the Institute of Engineering Technology and Natural Sciences, won the top prize.

Elizaveta Feizulayeva and Karina Shvareva, both studying at the Institute of Management, won in the 'Entrepreneurship' category. Professor Victor Zakharov, Director of the Institute of Management, congratulated them, and stressed that teamwork played the main role in helping them to achieve a good result, saying,
We are already accustomed to high standards of education set by the Ministry for Education and the University, but WorldSkills standards are world-class. Our students achieved them, and next time they can achieve even more. In this category, the participants did not act individually, but as a pair. They demonstrated their team spirit in their desire to coordinate their work, bring out their best, and get the job done. They can be compared to teams that competing in the World Cup.

Our winners will now go on to compete in the Inter-University Championship in November.

 Alexandra Kanishcheva Translated by I P Turner, Centre for Foreign Language and Academic Writing

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Scientific Library System of e-learning Pegas
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